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planning life and law after Bush

 :++  State-corporate crime 

The people from New York run Wash. DC: the White House sold Main Street to Wall Street, so DC is just walled. Now, the Fed is ordered to save Main and rescue Wall Street, but a rescue ain't no cure for this structurally and systemic sick country where credit, risk and trust is flushed thanks to Bush, Cheney and Lee Raymond cum sui. 

Just wait and see how Casus Europae evelopes while taking the FBI to Task and confronting the European Commission with open public talks on good governance measures confronting the rating-crime cascade and defaulting stock-run states where the fee-machination of 'expertise' reigns. The global Treasury Plan, Grand Strategy of the Sharin'dex people, is due to replace the stolen dreams and confiscated hope and freedom.

Why wait for the employment fallout managing the global savings glut? Hire, you criminals, for God's sake hire!

The Code of Conduct for European Public Governance



April 12, 2004

Daily Show On The Shrub's Iraq Transition Plan (Or Lack Thereof)

This is from the April 6, 2004 program.

Jon brings up the brilliant point that the Shrub hasn't seemed to figure out yet who the country will be handed over to. But "the date remains firm" that it's being handed over to somebody.

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