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Operation clear skies


Defining US-Saudimocracy, the Rule of Oil.

The Atlantic Energy, Securities and Exchange Conversion:

Operation 'clear skies' objective is getting rid of unfairly obtained long-term contracts imposing petrodollar and political/diplomatic advantage by tying oil and natural gas prices while submitting other currencies to the U.S. military-industial complex. Compare Gasgate 1963 / Deal '63, Rule of Oil. Unbundling dollar and euro by making oil and natural gas markets competitive is the only global solution and guarantee for world stabilty and much better comprehension and overview in general, open competition, fair sharing, responsible development and governance, accountable governments, social justice, political climate change, rebalanced corporate conduct, redefining the global terror of the P3 doctrine, more and better technology and energy security, improved access: public awareness, democratic control and participation, so less parliamentary deficit, less excess, better institutional oversight and so on... 

Globalizing failing awareness, consciousness and meaningful participation in intentionally complexed processes and procedures as detected following the world's first energy transition from coal to gas in 1963 -the American contract with Europe- Gasunie: evermore failing overview and consequently captured proper functioning of sovereign jurisdictions from industrial revolution to information era, from cold war to silenced communication and technology-fed diplomatic crime, corruption and fraud... while the European submission of the Coal and Steel 'enduring peace' framework of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman to American economic fundamentalism took place without any opposition.


 :++  State-corporate crime

When corporations have Permission to Steal

Dr. Lisa Newton, professor of philosophy and director of the Applied Ethics program in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences, has written a new book, Permission to Steal: Revealing the Roots of Corporate Scandal, published by Blackwell in November.

"It is the story of the scandals that brought down Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, and all of the other scandals to which we were subjected at the end of the 20th century, along with an explanation of how such things happened," Dr. Newton said. Delving into each scandal, Dr. Newton offers a fresh perspective on what went wrong and what needs to be done to prevent corporate corruption from reoccurring.

Identifying the root of the problem, Dr. Newton said, "It all started with Gyges' Ring." The mythical ring mentioned in Plato's Republic was known to make the wearer of it invisible. "Plato was convinced that if people had the power to be invisible they would do all sorts of terrible things. Sure enough, they did." In her book, she writes that we do not have Gyges' Ring in the real world, "but rings that do nothing more than make us invisible - offshore special purpose entities, Swiss banks, gated communities, and the general anonymity of the city - are everywhere we look, there for the purchasing. We need the accountability that comes with transparency, visibility, and access to information, to keep our corporations honest."


100% transparent ICTerror

Please compare Plato's Gyges' ring with the sE-circles & -cycles and moral-fallout/spiral-virus of sExxell's Complexxon: P3 explanation of global structural energy fundamentals-based inherent and implicit State-corporate corruption


 root cause of modern misery and daily disaster.








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