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Voice of America

As 'Biggest Crisis' Hit, Congress Held Nose and Backed Bailout
Bloomberg - 4 hours ago
The day before, Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, had voted against a $700 billion financial rescue package that most of his constituents viewed as a bailout ...
After the bailout: What's next? San Francisco Chronicle
US plays waiting game after $700b bailout ABC Online
Congress changes mind on bailout, Wall Street firms National Business Review
4Hoteliers - Newsday
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FACTBOX: Revised financial bailout bill
Reuters - 4 hours ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House of Representatives was poised to vote on a $700 billion bailout package for US banks, under pressure from all sides as the ...
FOX 4 Finance: How the Bailout Helps You MyFox Kansas City
No shortage of good ol' corruption in bailout bill The Union of Grass Valley
What Does The Bailout Mean For You? The Consumerist
Dallas Morning News -
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Americans eye bailout, and continue cutting back
The Associated Press - 16 hours ago
Relief on Wall Street over the hard-won passage of a $700 billion bailout package for the financial system apparently hasn't yet trickled down to the pubs, ...
Financial Bailout Plan: What Does it Mean for Capitalism and ... Amateur Economists
Editorial: Fear, not wisdom, guided Congress in bailout vote Arizona Daily Wildcat
Congress passes bailout WQAD (press release) - The Australian
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Wall Street Journal

The Bailout, and a Keen Eye on Fixed Income
Barron's - 10 hours ago
By LAWRENCE C. STRAUSS AN INTERVIEW WITH PETER R. FISHER: The former US Treasury undersecretary offers a unique perspective on the government's bailout plan ...
Credit still choked, Treasurys rally
Bailout: The new frontier? FT Alphaville
Check credit market to see if bailout works San Francisco Chronicle
Salt Lake Tribune - Arizona Republic
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Wall Street Journal

Race in Oregon Illuminates Tricky Politics of the Bailout
Wall Street Journal - 10 hours ago
The ad doesn't mention Republican President George W. Bush, whose administration proposed the bailout plan, or the two-thirds of Republican senators who ...
It takes a lot of other billions to make a bailout The Oregonian -
Financial bailout bill includes timber payments The Associated Press
Smith, Wyden win big: Bailout bill contains county timber payment ...
OPB News - The Oregonian -
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Boston Globe

UPDATE 2-Bush: Effects of financial bailout will take time
Reuters - 10 hours ago
By Tabassum Zakaria MIDLAND, Texas, Oct 4 (Reuters) - President George W. Bush said on Saturday that benefits from the recently passed financial bailout ...
US president highlights time lag for bailout Radio Australia
Bush buys time on bailout plan Mail & Guardian Online
Bush says "confident" bailout bill will pass Boston Globe
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The Gazette (Montreal)

Black Lawmakers on the Bailout
New America Media, CA - 3 hours ago
Democrats and Republicans were not the only ones divided by a massive $700-billion bailout plan that faltered this week just as Congress was to break for a ...
Bailout 'a necessary evil' -- but trouble isn't over yet Bloomington Pantagraph
Post Wall Street Bailout WHIO Radio
Last act in drama of House rescue bill Financial Times
Seattle Times - Newsday
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Bailout Cost: $17000 per American household
Commodity Online, India - 2 hours ago
Some desperate people have convinced themselves that all will be fine when the bailout bill passes. FOX News has been running 2-hour news "specials" with ...
Bailout no solution for economic woes PRESS TV
US govt. bailout benefits coal, miners as well as bankers Mineweb
$700bn bailout fails to lift US markets -
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House Puts Seal on Giant Bailout Tax Incentives Help Secure ... (press release), OR - 22 hours ago
The US House of Representatives gave final approval Friday to the $700 billion bailout for the financial system, reversing course to authorize what may be ...

Video: GOP: Bailout 'Pleasant Extraordinary Experience' AssociatedPress

$150 billion bailout favours that helped medicine to go down Times Online
Bailout slow to calm markets Calgary Herald - Los Angeles Times
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New York Times

Congress extends R&D tax credit as part of bailout
ComputerworldUK, UK - 2 hours ago
President George Bush also signed the US$700 billion bailout plan Friday. The bill included a two-year extension of a research and development tax credit ...
Bailout bill more about shafts than building confidence
Solar, wind industry aided by federal bailout The Zonie Report
The bail-a-holics WorldNetDaily
Martinsville Bulletin - (subscription)
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ABC News

White House hopefuls back bailout approval
ABC Online, Australia - 3 hours ago
The two US presidential hopefuls have been quick to respond to the passage of an emergency bill to bail out the nation's fragile financial industry. ...

Video: Senate Votes Aye On Bailout CBS

What the Bailout Bill Crisis Has Wrought TIME
Candidates trying to have bailout both ways Chicago Tribune
Toronto Star - Asian Tribune
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Bailout slow to calm markets
Calgary Herald,  Canada - 5 hours ago
The US House of Representatives approved the $700-billion Wall Street bailout Friday, setting in motion the biggest government intervention in the financial ...
CORRECTED - UPDATE 3-US House grits teeth, approves Wall St bailout Reuters
Bush signs US$700B bailout bill into law
Some Wall Street Traders Angry Over Bailout, Too NPR
Xinhua -
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McDermott casts "protest vote" against bailout
Seattle Times, United States - 7 hours ago
Jim McDermott said his opposition to the economic-bailout proposal Friday was a "protest vote" made with the knowledge the bill would pass the House without ...

Video: Wave of House Converts Jump Aboard Bailout Bill AssociatedPress

Why Lawmakers Changed Their Bailout Votes Wall Street Journal Blogs
Bailout bill has timber payments to some counties Forbes
CNN - eTaiwan News
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House approves historic bailout bill
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 7 hours ago
And in the end, they helped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from San Francisco, engineer the biggest bailout of the banking system in US history. ...
Resounding yes to bailout Boston Globe
Lawmakers, Bush wait to see if bailout can stabilize economy Arizona Republic
US financial bailout signed Belfast Telegraph
New York Times - National Post
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Boston Globe

Illinois representatives change bailout vote
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - 3 hours ago
He'd voted against the bailout the first go-round, saying it failed to provide adequate protections for middle-class Americans or curb CEO compensation ...

Video: Bailout Revival Sought; Better Deposit Safety Se AssociatedPress

House approves historic bailout bill; Bush quickly signs it The Miami Herald
Critics say bailout bill is stuffed with pork MSNBC
Slate -
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Seattle Post Intelligencer

Bailout would further weaken US economy
Economic Times, India - 53 minutes ago
And now, with the US House of Representatives seeking modifications in the Bush administration’s proposed $700 billion bailout plan, it is also obvious that ...
Dow drops as bailout signed into law Boston Herald
US Congress approves massive economic bailout package Radio Australia
Bush signs economic bailout bill AFP
News Chief - eTaiwan News
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Financial Post

Bush signs sweetened bailout bill
Globe and Mail, Canada - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON -- A $700-billion financial bailout, now adorned with many more billions to make it politically palatable, was finally passed yesterday after a ...
Bush signs $700bn financial bailout package The Punch
Financial bailout plan wins House approval, Bush's signature into ... Xinhua
Bush's statement on Congress passing bailout bill The Associated Press
BBC News -
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Bail-out bill: Wall Street tarnished by $700bn US Congress vote ..., United Kingdom - 3 hours ago
When House of Representatives unexpectedly voted down the first version of the "bail-out" package on Monday, it sparked the biggest one-day fall in the ...
Bailout bill includes payback provision
Whew!: Wall Street bailout bill averts collapse - hopefully Salt Lake Tribune
Sting in the tail on US bailout day AFP
AlterNet - Christian Science Monitor
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BBC News

Bush Heralds US Bail-Out
Sky News, UK - 2 hours ago
Republican candidate John McCain labelled the bail-out package a necessary "outrage" and vowed to clean up Wall Street if elected. ...
Bush pledges to quickly sign bailout bill Hindu Business Line
Bush praises bailout package, warns relief not instant Economic Times
Congress’ Solution to a Bailout that Costs Too Much? Make it Cost More San Jose Mercury News
Motley Fool - Times Online
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The Associated Press

Fear stalls bailout's effect on credit market
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - 1 hour ago
Anyone who thought approval of a financial bailout plan would cheer up markets and give the economy a shot of momentum got a rude awakening Friday. ...
Markets look for more help from the feds Los Angeles Times
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