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For Leading Exxon to Its Riches, $144,573 a Day

For Leading Exxon to Its Riches, $144,573 a Day

Lee R. Raymond, who retired from Exxon in December, was paid more than $686 million from 1993 to 2005.

April 15, 2006BusinessSidebar

The New Face of an Oil Giant

The New Face of an Oil Giant

If Rex W. Tillerson has his way, Exxon Mobil will no longer be the oil company that environmentalists love to hate.

March 30, 2006BusinessNews

In gratitude & respect of my dad, Nico Tychon, 'The man who dug it well' *:and architect* of Europe's long distance gasdistribution and energy network...  daily updates during trial by editor and energy analist Stephan Tychon, just after leaving the courtroom!  Please compare with under Gasgate 1963:  We question aggression and authority!  *Compare Dick Johnson, Houston: 'The man who dug the well'.


  La Condition Americaine


   Cheney   addressing the UK Queen on her U.S. visit 5.5.2007:

'Half a century has done nothing to diminish the   respect and affection this country holds for you'                              

'HOUSTON, We Have a Problem' (bottom of page)

WEB EXCLUSIVE By Carol Rust, Newsweek, March 15, 2006

STEVE UECKERT: HOUSTON CHRONICLE Thuesday April 4, 2006: Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay talks with the media about surgery that his lead attorney Mike ramsey, will undergo Wedneday. 

    E n r o n


The ever-growing downward spiral of economic pressure, industrial greed, aggression and abusive conduct threatening world stability, peace, liberty, change and progress.

'QUID PRO QUO' Nonsense & Gotcha-cha-cha of the pre-tracted & failing Judicial Order.

Enwrong trial... without any connection to the outer world: clue: 'they're all in it'... due to Fastoworld's candid global galactic strategy, the unparalelled paralaxis! That's why the globe is shunted and the world is not flat as previously perceived. Level playing fields only exist where special interests dissolve to the benefit of the greater good. Civic society stays under Presssure of global decoys! Red Herrings in the Atlantic.


Enron...complex Exxonerated! HOW SO? 'Partnerships of state'!


Melissa Phillip: HOUSTON CHRONICLE, ENRON TRIAL, Monday, March 6, 2006.  Fastow arrives for week six of the trial. Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay and his wife, Linda Lay, talk with demonstrator Stephan Tychon of Maastricht, Netherlands, as they wait to cross the street to return to the Bob Casey Courtroom after a lunch break Monday.

To better understand international industrial relations and the cause of unethical, aggressive and abusive corporate conduct paired with dominant market positions in the global energy sector, I refer to 'Industrial Dominance' under this heading and 'State Law and International Crime' under Imploding Governance, next to Gasgate 1963 in left menue.

Look for a coverage of your reporter/editor's Houston actions in next week's (3/20)Newsweek! ...By Carol Rust. +e-dition: "'Houston, we have a problem'!

ExxonMobil 'Community Partners' : most flagrant lie that people really seem to believe I've seen in U.S. streets - Houston Aids Walk 3/12.

A global warning for total exxoneration of the world's stability: the complexxon of confusion in parallel with ethical decline. The Enron case is being legally defined as just local business as usual. (heard in the Petroleum Club while discussing pipeline lock-ins linked to imposed European long-term contracts with America,)

CARBON CONDUCT & Energy analysis

investigative reporting on global semantic confusion. by Stephan Tychon, WSC



Preamble Inc.Gov: the ubiquitous global parliamentary deficit caused by marketecture (rigged life without prospect) reveals the U.S. Greenspam-doctrine that suppressed any basic change and open, fundamental plublic debate... leaving the intended European Community's Greenwash of antitrust regulation, supposed to 'improve' competition on the internal market by law enforcement curing market dominance, without any transatlantic discussion to speak of... structural no-firm-action prevails - excluding real reform and discouraging stand-alone action, not to mention the much needed transition of world systems. This is what 'incorporated governance' did to people. Therefore, we need a war on error...

   THE  'COAT OF HARMS'       :         CODE OF ARMS   





HOUSTON, BUFFALO BAYOU.                  March 2006.

I took a one week recess form court: back Monday, 4/3  -the editor.

Wednesday, March 15/ 08.30 PM:

A very strong and engaged testimony by ex-vice president, accountant and whistle-blower Sherron Watkins (47) on the stand! Closely looking at the veracity of ex-CFO Fastow's hedging vehicles called Raptors (in-house partnerships) mainly supported by Jef Skilling - and less by Ken Lay - she now compares with a german chief of social-nationalism. I myself had a problem with FBI-security Captors because of wearing my .E badge in court for the 5 previous days in the front row of international press. I was seated directly behind Ms. Skilling all that time when I was addressed by two FBI-agents: 'Not allowed that protest-thing here"! (my own registered trade mark, since feb. 2000!) After court Skilling remarked that I had best to get used to the U.S. Gestapo, after his wife introduced me to him. This perfectly demonstrates how slow the government's institutions are...just forever trailing corporate pressure and ingenuity at whatever scale, layer or level you are confronted with them! Mr. Skilling perfectly depicts the alarming state of affairs in the continental U.S., but I think there is also another side to it: the government's total ignorance for reality and truth is imposed, ruled and maintained by corporate aggression and abusive conduct covertly facilitated by the very government. You only have to look up to the top en question Authority... Ms. Watkins testified that "Accounting doesn't ever get that creative"! The accounting wave of scandals she predicted earlier before a congressional committee investigating the Enron collapse, was discribed as a house of cards with no obligation to put money in that just syphoned away...tanked! Kenneth Lay and his wife seemed to be in a much better mood than Jeffrey Skilling after they left the federal Courthouse within few minutes after Judge Sim Lake adjourned Court and even called it a week! So no session tomorrow! ...Fridays being within w.e. limits anyway. Sherron Watkins got much support from most Nation's reporters and was even cheered: "Go Girl"! (heard in the extra TV-room). Every day its getting more interesting. Judge Lake expected the trial to come to an early end by the beginning of May because of effective and efficient cross-examinations by the attorneys and lawyers in general.

More later...

 Ken Lay's lead attorney Mike Ramsey  

Monday March, 13/ 12.30 PM:

Ramsey is framing a global (galactic) picture where a hostile takeover of Enron by Fastow in parallel with the world-wide economic depression/recession at the time is his goal. Accusing him of market manipulation and pointing at billions invested overseas and "earning almost no income /very low return" (deterioration) and wondering how he could not be informed as chief financial officer about the global economic state of affairs, Fastow answered that he is not an economist. Ramsey: 'Would you exaggerate while testifying'? 'No sir, I'm trying to be truthful', Fastow answered and insisted on his advice & strategy of a massive restructuring of Enron instead of what Ramsey depicted as a company where the jungle takes over and even vital assets rusted away. 6.30 PM: It was not the fireworks or impact I expected and Ramsey raised his voice several times, almost yelled to Fastow. I think Fastow is really smart, judging his answers and attitude. Almost fell asleep - I'm camping outside in front of the building to assure seating. Wearing a 4-inch .E-badge for five days now, at lunchtime I was told by the security guard to take it off: 'Not allowed that protest thing'! 'Who told you'? 'The Judge'! As I wasn't so sure I insisted on a explanation and he was going to tell me after lunch, only to find another guard who observed: 'I don't see any problem with that'! Just before restart, twoo FBI-agents intervened and that was it. Next recess, Ms. Skilling came over to inform. I told her it's my own international trade mark. 'Yes, I know'! So being there was succesful enough...even CNN wanted to know after that. You think .E infringes Enron rights? Let me know!

Friday March, 9/ 5.30 PM:

Petrocelli's weakening punitive tone will be further diluted by Ramsey's explanations and interpretations of settled law versus the greed factor. Progress is executed during Fastow's cross-examination, mirrored by federal Judge Sim Lake's conclusion of this week's session with the wording 'we're getting there'! (pointing at the defense's strategy he must foresee?) update as of 3/9: factual evidence revealed while playing cards and exchanging bear hugs:

The Great-Rights Fight in Court:

Picador Petrocelli & Matador Ramsey are surgically gracing Sitting-Bull-Fastow: Government's disgrace for letting it all happen to begin with. Monday 3/13: setting matters of truth is expected by the editor: watch Mike Ramsey questioning Authority and frying the Government!

Watch the coming 'Great Deal' between attorneys and DOJ, setting forth the 'Lure of Law' covering up the race for results, growth & greed without mercy or mores. Rapacious governmental orchestration abusing a scapegoat like Fastow will save the face of DOJ but not Justice. The failing state of democracy will still sustain River Oaths' Coat of Harms and save the ExxonMobil Petroleum club where the pie is partnered. All Right Wrong!

Public-Private Partnerships generate demand for big infrastructure projects ruining the public domain on a very large scale, hardly noticed by the public.

Open letter: update: Sunday, March 5, 2006

To Kenneth Lay and his lead defense attorney Mike Ramsey. 'Cross-walk talks'.

A local jury judging global crime? Please straighten out your country before it does it to you, by stretching the burden to comply by explaining the global picture of covert corporate abusive conduct due to budget crime... just like Sarbanes & Oxley commissioned when compliance is out of reach. The basic instinct of international business attitude totally intangled with national identity and lawmaking provides you with the instruments to take the government by surprise. For the purpose of total transparency I personally informed federal prosecutor of the Enron Task Force, Cliff Stricklin, but he did not seem to have much time left - one week before the trial.

As the first, now regretfull, son of Dutch 1963 Gasunie's first director, until a few years ago, I was never interested in my fathers work that encompassed the architecture, engineering, construction and financing of the initial european long distance and high pressure gasdistribution network under ExxonMobil's (then Esso) impairing technology-advantage within an unequal public-private partnership with Royal Dutch Shell and the government where disproportional pressure based on prescience seemed to come natural in an era of post-war confusion and high stakes & aces of the liberator misusing dominant market positions and cashing-in on the results of economic fundamentalism we now see all over the planet and call globalization.

Therefore, I urge you to realize that you are in the position now to not only comprehend but also to uncover and explain while standing trial and bring & seat the world's governing and fundamental case against aggressor No. 1, ExxonMobil, where virtually all post-war evil took root after the above mentioned silent consolidation of global control. I recently (Friday, March 3, 2006) interviewed four ExxonMobil officials in their Houston office... none of them was able to make whatever connection with even Shell and/or Gasunie!

Although content on this site is far from completeness and coherence & context is very, very complex while concerning the global energy system, I'm convinced that you not only can, but also have the duty to take the stand and lead on this matter now while the world is watching and ready for it. Responsibility works top-down, that's why Lee Raymond is guilty in the first place.

Don't pass up the occasion to instate better mutual understanding for the greater good in this common world where congenial behavior and open public debate lingers. Share your knowledge to explain life, science and technology and the direction it should take while realigning America and reinstating honor and integrity...for christ's sake!

ir. SGM Tychon architect & global-energy analyst/activist.





L'Usine a gaz & the House of Petrol... 3D for global picture: Dutch Deal Details based on first-hand information.*)

Gasgate 1963:

'A shock felt around the world', but still widely unnoticed while hidden for reason of the gradually exploding information-revolution and inherent -terror, decoyed by abundant pre-science technology advantage.

The Dutch 'Gasunie'... a post-war, U.S.-imposed/european greenlighted, fear deal: the 'contract with America' prevented fair trade and trial world-wide and provoked global brain- and geostrategic green-wash.

This fundamental and factual evidence as the key-argument of the 'Statement of Grounds for objection' is filed by the World Stability Council (WSC) with the European Commission's Directorates-General for Energy and Competition: Commissioner Mr. Andris Piebalgs and Ms. Neelie Kroes, dated January 9, 2006: Tychon vs. Exxon... compare 'Industrial Dominance' under Imploding governance.

The world's largest single-source of natural gas, discovered in the late 50's in the Kingdom of the Netherlands ignited global abusive dominance in the heavy industries, eased by covert conduct and incorporated governance (public-private tangle) of unknown scale we now have all inhereted.

Should Europe's energy-transition from coal to gas and linked pricing-system forced by american economic fundamentalism be retro-fitted for humanity's sake and the greater good?

The only way out seems to be a 50/50 strategy and monetary unbundling of the euro and dollar.

Please follow the Transatlantic Technology Assessment of the global energy system by Exxell Insight!


"...part of the big picture related to international consolidation of the energy system, the global marketecture-frame and enduring mass destruction of parliamentary democracies while evolving from Cold to Silent War (information-terror)

Gasgate 1963, the european public-private contract with America, imposed by post-war*) resulting in engineered science and prescience technology on a global scale, inbred conduct in sync with settled law trailing scandal."

"Now, free speech is only for the happy few... rendering free thought obsolete and instating everlasting special interests."

prior conduct & present power:

"Lee Raymond is the one who is guilty; Ken lay and Jeff Skilling are just some other victims of the greed- and claim-culture, like most of us being chased on a daily basis. Power is the mother of innovation, but for what use?"

"the cause of inbred covert conduct of an abusive culture: the conflict-order where competition gets ruled out as long as the prices of oil and natural gas are linked and bilateral 'partnerships' conceal collaboration."

confronting authority with abusive business:

"the only way out is european intervention by splitting up pegged oil & gas pricing and trade practices under U.S. control - economic fundamentalism - exercised by sheer force and conceit."

Bush is no problem, Exxon is for its world-control taken by surprise and misrepresentation.

"However, addicts to cheap oil will need a transition to gas, because the production of oil will peak soon and foreign money will have no more confidence to invest in a wasteful society like America."

The 'hidden agenda' of influence & forced international partnerships: from cold to silent war & spying to it-error.

*) compare: 'Sate law and International crime' under Imploding governance please.


Houston being the global ground-control capital of any and all energy-related substance or phantasy, plays the dominant role in what we call 'Incorporated Governance':

The total entanglement of national, public institutions ruled by private, international corporate conduct inspired by mere profit and greed where integrity is obsolete.

The Exxon-Shell paradigm points at imploding national public governance (governmental ignorance) under growing pressure of international corporate arrogance preventing balanced progress and dynamic stability world-wide sustained by complicated national rules of law c.q. departments of justice facilitating legal fraud and corruption.

Under failing international law and trust law, the European Constitution forces even 'more State' and 'less Street' upon citizens endangering Freedom and Liberty of the 'United Contrasts' we envisaged and thus undermining its intention.

It's time to couple the price of oil to the dollar only and that of natural gas to the euro simultanously to clarify the human mind and establish new roots for World Stablity and EQuality.

Please see other introductions for more related information: 'state law and international crime' under Imploding Governance.
For Dutch-speaking people: search for 'Dualiteitsraad' at

Exxell 's editor
Stephan GM Tychon, chief officer of change.WSC



HOUSTON, We Have a Problem

As the Enron trial continues, curiosity seekers travel from near and far to hear the ultimate tale of corporate excess. But public interest may already be waning.

WEB EXCLUSIVE By Carol Rust, Newsweek, March 17, 2006.

Houston, March 15, 2006 - It was the testimony many in Houston were waiting for. Enron whistle-blower Sherron Watkins (see Enron-trial video) took the stand Wednesday to recount how she warned Enron chairman Ken Lay in August 2001 about shady activities that threatened to take the company down in 'a wave of accounting scandals.' The company declared bankruptcy in december of that year.

In that August meeting, requested by Watkins, she said she laid out seven pages of memos concerning accounting problems and egregious dealings by Enron officers. She said lay winced when he read a comment by one of Watkins' colleagues who whispered, 'I wish we would get caught-we're such a crooked company.' She said Lay was incredulous that from $5 billion to $7 billion in debt had been hidden by moving assets from one division to the other 'because so many people had looked at it' for any possible accounting problems and found none.

Lay had promised to investigate her claims, Watkins testified, but he 'was investigating on the assumption that I was wrong.' A former Enron vice president who worked in several divisions, Watkins said she was shocked to later learn that company executives wanted to fire her for writing her prophetic memo. 'I felt nauseous,' Watkins testified. 'I went to Ken Lay because I didn't think he would drop me on the street.'

As the largest corporate-fraud trial in American history continues, the Enron proceedings have become a local industry in Houston. With no cameras in U.S. District Judge Sim Lake's courtroom 9B, there's no way to watch the drama unfold on TV. (though streamed life in-house) The Houston Chronicle runs regular updates-as well as three blogs on the paper's Web site, ( one with updates from the paper's in-court legal reporters, another by a business reporter and a third by outside legal experts. Local lawyers are supplementing the wire and video reports on local TV stations with blogs of their own. ( see Enron-trial video)

Lay faces seven fraud and conspiracy charges, although he faces a separate trial on four bank fraud charges that will be tried immediately after this trial. Skilling faces 31 charges, mostly for securities fraud and insider trading. If convicted, both could face decades in prison.

Possible conviction may be months off, but the spectacle continues to attract curiousity seekers. Before Andrew Fastow's testimony last week, two meandering queues snaked from the Bob Casey Federal District Courthouse's revolving street door. In one line was the bleary-eyed media; in the other visitors, many of whom had taken vacation days to travel from Los Angeles, New York, Louisiana and the Netherlands (!) to get a glimpse at the trial of Enron-a name now synonymous with corporate greed.

'They say everything is bigger in Texas, and I guess their scandals are, too,' said a bright-eyed Bryan Gautreaux of New Iberia, La., in a soft Cajun accent. he worked through the weekend so he could take vacation days during the week to see Enron's disgraced CFO Andrew Fastow being grilled on the witness stand last week.

Another spectator was John Keiser, who took vacation time from his job at Florida Gas Transmission co., one of Enron's subsidiaries that remains in business. He may still have a job, but he lost 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' when Enron went into bankruptcy, and employees of the pipeline division (compare pipeline lock-in :U.S. contract with Europe/Gasgate 1963) where he works were 'the last to know,' according to Keiser. 'We were always profitable, but the pipeline division was treated like a stepchild.' (compare 'grandfathering rights'

Not every former Enron emplyee is going quietly. David Tonsall, a compliance engineer who spent five years at Enron, turned to rap music to diss his former employers when the company crashed and his $200,000 in retirement savings and other investments evaporated. his wife, who worked for two years in Enron's broadband division, lost money, too. the 42-year-old Houston man, rapping under the name NRun, cut a CD two years ago called 'Corporate America' consisting of anti-Enron rhymes which he says has sold 2,500 copies online. His personal favorite is 'Drop the S Off Skilling.'

Skilling, gonna find you, rain, sleet or snow,

There's nowhere on earth that you can go.

It's more Pipeline Boys all across the land,

Ready to getcha for that Enron scam.

Consider yourself a sac-ri-fice,

For the Pipeline workers that gave their lives,

Maintaining the Lines that made you rich,

When justice comes around, you gonna get hit.

Tonsall now works for Anheuser Busch and can only put in occasional time at the Courthouse, where he has handed out free copies of his CD to bystanders. But his anger at his former Enron bosses hasn't cooled with the passage of time. 'I want to see those guys go to prison for the rest of their lives,' he said.


Not all of the Enron-obsessed are locals. A Dutch architect named Stephan Tychon said he became an activist while researching the misdoings of big business. (compare Tychon vs. Dell) He was on hand last week when Ken and Linda Lay made their regular early-morning walk from Lay's attorney's office to the Courthouse. Tychon, who plans a three-month stay in Houston, showers at the YMCA and camps at a park on the edge of downtown, stopped the Lays to introduce himself and decorously presented Linda Lay with a gift of a single calla lily. Then Tychon gave Ken lay an open letter questioning the propriety of a local jury judging what Tychon terms 'Global Crime.' When he tried to persuade Lay to carry a poster promoting Tychon's Web site of corporate avarice, Lay politely declined.

Watkins was by far the most damning witness yet against Lay, but the crowds of curiosity seekers who crowded the courtroom last week had thinned by Wednesday. It could end up being the corpoprate trial of the century, but to a media-saturated public, Enron is already 'so 2001.'


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