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Global CrisisGlobal Crisis
from YouTube :: Tag // business
December 25, 2008

The imminent need for Atlantic Unbundling explained on Author: complexxon Keywords: "Global crisis" "global crime" Exxon energy bailout governance confidence financial corruption oil gas parliament fraud SEC FBI IMF CEO Fed judge lawyer economy investor billion banking warming international transparency faith disclosure petro business stimulus recovery rescue policy diplomacy education Bernanke Paulson Putin Washington arrogance effort Iran foreign affairs treasury Added: December 24, 2008

Business Book Briefs _ Transparency by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O'TooleBusiness Book Briefs _ Transparency by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O'Toole
from Dailymotion - News & Politics
December 16, 2008

Business Book Briefs series page at Hulu.comThe book Transparency argues that while many organizations give lip service to the idea of transparency, true openness and candor is rare.Author: hulu Tags: Organization Transparency Candor Truth To Power Openness Book Brief Posted: 16 December 2008 Rating: 0.0 Votes: 0

Transfigure in transparencyTransfigure in transparency
from Dailymotion - Arts
December 16, 2008

Viaggio nell'inconscioAuthor: yks_channel Tags: transfigure transparency videoarte Posted: 16 December 2008 Rating: 0.0 Votes: 0

Transparency by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O'TooleTransparency by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O'Toole
from Business Book Briefs
December 12, 2008

The book "Transparency" argues that while many organizations give lip service to the idea of transparency, true openness and candor is rare.

Worst EU Lobby Awards 2008: And the winner is...Worst EU Lobby Awards 2008: And the winner is...
from TheMainstreamMedia - recent posts - (beta)
December 09, 2008

the highlight of the 2008 Worst Lobby Awards ceremony in Brussels, organized by Corporate Europe Observatory and SpinWatch. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Worst EU Lobby Awards 2008: And the winner is...Worst EU Lobby Awards 2008: And the winner is...
from YouTube :: Videos by euxtv
December 09, 2008

the highlight of the 2008 Worst Lobby Awards ceremony in Brussels, organized by Corporate Europe Observatory and SpinWatch. Distributed by Tubemogul. Author: EUXTV Keywords: 2008 awards brussels commission corporate ep eu europe european lobby parliament transparency union worst Added: December 9, 2008

Apture Transparent Congress Launch on WashingtonPost.comApture Transparent Congress Launch on
from - (beta)
December 06, 2008

Apture announces the ability to link congressman profiles, biographies, voting records, financial disclosures, income statements, and videos from the floors of the House and the Senate. Get it free for your blog, at

Your Seat at the TableYour Seat at the Table
from YouTube :: Videos by ChangeDotGov
December 05, 2008

We're inviting the American public to take a seat at the table and discuss documents and materials provided during meetings between outside groups and our Transition team. Author: ChangeDotGov Keywords: president elect Obama transparency public liaison Added: December 5, 2008

Does Transparency Mean An Open Kimono?Does Transparency Mean An Open Kimono?
from Marketing Edge
November 17, 2008

Time 12:48 A misnomer of social media is how some interpret the definition of transparency of information. It doesn’t mean opening your kimono for all to see your company’s warts. (For some this can be an unpleasant experience both on the opening end and on the viewing end) Transparency does mean to give insight, context, and comment on company strategy, industry trends, global events, internal personalities, and other topics of interest to your stakeholders and audiences. Shel Holtz and John C. Havens thoroughly explore this topic in their new book Tactical Transparency: how leaders can leverage social media to maximize value and build their brand. Social media allows for deeper discussions about a wide range of topics. I liken transparency to a sports color commentator. Let’s take football for example. Forty years ago when I watched football with my dad, it was a Sunday afternoon event. I grew up in New York so it started around noon. Today football has become a daily stream of information, from game day strategy, nickel packages, and counter treys to injury reports, weather impact, and nutrition regimes. Teams are not giving away their plays, signals, or secret weapons, but they are providing or allowing insights to the game that has made it more engaging for the fan. Bottom line, transparency gives more for your stakeholders, customers, and other potentially interested parties to engage your company. You become a more interesting party with which to have a relationship, and business is all about the relationship. Note: If you are interested in buying the book, Havens has created a super deal for Tactical Transparency. – read this first, then make your purchase. _________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Edge readers and listeners, you are invited to jump in the Provident Partners Social Sandbox. It is a social network where you can test new tools like Ning, see how audio, video, and blogging can be used in a variety of business applications. Plus it s a place to participate in even greater detail in social media. Just send us an email to Marketingedge AT providentpartners DOT net with the word Sandbox in the subject line. All comments here or to our comment line 206-600-6887 will result in a donation of a food item to a Twin Cities food shelter by Provident Partners. Thanks for stocking a shelf and filling a stomach.

Talk - Ralph Nader - Seattle - January 2005Talk - Ralph Nader - Seattle - January 2005
from YouTube :: Videos by talkingsticktv
November 09, 2008

Talk by Ralph Nader speaking in Seattle January 23, 2005. Author: talkingsticktv Keywords: Nader Corporate Corporation Corporations Oversight Transparency Citizen Citizens Regulations Added: November 8, 2008

Silent SenateSilent Senate
from the wheezy waiter
November 03, 2008

Obama without words? Source links: -library of congress (to see Obama's record for the last four years you need to do an advanced search) -The Transparency Act 2006 -Lugar-Obama Act 2006Formats available: Big(.mov), Ipod(.m4v), YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, AOL Video, Break, DailyMotion, Veoh, Crackle, Imeem, Stupid Videos and Viddler

Youth is New Target for EU Lobbyists in BrusselsYouth is New Target for EU Lobbyists in Brussels
from YouTube :: Videos by euxtv
October 18, 2008

Lobbyists in the European affairs arena are always on a mission; influencing policy outcomes that is their aim. However, how can you be a successful lobbyist? One approach is to engage directly with the general public. Last week, the European plastics manufacturing industry, represented by PlasticsEurope, organized a youth debate in the European parliament. There was a buzz of excitement in the EP building; youngsters from ten different EU member states gathered to display their debating skills. Almost one thousand high school students battled for a spot in the finals. Here in Brussels, the hundred finalists were judged by an international jury. Among the jury members were David Gow, a business journalist for the Guardian, futurologist Ray Hammond and several representatives of PlasticsEurope. PlasticsEurope was pleased with the enthusiasm of the young participants. The plastics manufacturing industry challenged the debaters to take a stand in the question: Are plastics part of the problem or the solution? . They had the opportunity to hear from the next generation of European citizens about the future of plastics. The winner of the debate was Žan Žveplan, a 17 year old student from Slovenia, argued plastics are fantastic and continued with we gave the opposition the truth, but they can t handle the truth . Though, what is the essence of this event? Did PlasticsEurope succeeded in finding its new ambassadors for plastics? When asking the young debaters, they say it is about the experience and this is an opportunity to develop my debating skills . The students came mainly for the learning experience. Although, some of them mentioned that the event raised their awareness of the challenges towards plastics. Distributed by Tubemogul. Author: EUXTV Keywords: Europe EU European Union Brussels Lobby Lobbyists parliament politics public affairs plasticseurope students stuvi tv Maastricht Transparency plastics chemicals industry REACH regulation Added: October 18, 2008

Global Report - 03-October-2008Global Report - 03-October-2008
from Instablogs
October 03, 2008 US to compensate Filipino war veterans This is a huge victory for Filipino war veterans who have been fighting for their rights and privileges for decades. Many of them not in active service were not recognized by the US government as entitled to same rights and benefits as a US veteran. Monetary compensation is a huge respite for the veterans but sadly it comes without any recognition for the services offered by them during the war. When will US understand that the issue of compensating Filipino war veterans goes beyond monetary benefits? They are seeking recognition from the US government for having fought like a valiant soldier alongside their US counterpart during the WWII. It should not be that difficult for the US government to deliver what is rightfully due to the ageing veterans. With the veterans getting older and dying one by one the US must fulfill its obligation towards them while they re still alive. India bans public smoking The decision to ban smoking in public places including offices and restaurants is a healthy initiative but can the government actually get it enforced? In reality, it s about compliance which does not seem to be coming forthwith. Tobacco firms have already raised their ante against the government, citing the ban is an infringement of individual rights. Those addicted to smoking are ready with a fresh package of reasons elaborating on the why not of smoking in public places. More so will the poor illiterate migrant population which crams every nook and corner of the Indian cities be willing to give up habit of frequently and openly puffing in public places? Already Bihar has expressed its reservations regarding the practicalities of such a move. Past attempts to ban spitting and urinating in public places have met little success, courtesy our blatant disregard towards basic cleanliness and common good. Either the government enforce the ban strictly or else provide smoking rooms because smokers will continue to smoke no matter what. Acting President Rupiah Banda accused of bribery Thanks to late Mr. Mwanawasa's anti corruption drive Zambia has improved substantially in the transparency international's corruption index. The bribery allegation against Mr. Rupiah Banda, Presidential hopeful in the upcoming elections goes on to prove that it won't be easy to fill in the shoes of the late president. Such news is extremely disappointing for an ordinary Zambian that has yet to overcome the grief of losing a great leader. It was latter's sweeping anti corruption drive that has rebuilt the confidence of Zambian people in the state institutions. Mr. Banda and other running presidential candidates must realize that this is the time to renew their commitment to fight corruption rather than succumbing to allegations of sleaze and fraud. Zambians had along stint with corrupt polity that left the country socially politically economically in shambles. The country needs someone who can carry Mr. Mwanawasa's legacy forward to ensure which the ordinary Zambians must carefully weigh their options and make the right choice. Brazil rated low in Child Education Brazil was rated below Latin America's average in terms of children's educational opportunities in a research lead by the World Bank. However, the country is said to have had obvious improvement from 1995 to 2005, the period covered by the study. Most of the children who lacked educational opportunities were black children living in the northern and northeastern parts of the country. By contrast, 44 percent of the children with the most opportunities were born in the richest areas of the country, such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia, the capital city. Children in Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Uruguay possess the most equal opportunities, while those in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras enjoy the least. Regional as well as the international authorities must come together to promote the educational opportunities. Initiating dialogue on best practices between countries that are facing similar crises is an important step for reciprocal benefit.

PdF2008 Talks: Lawrence Lessig--The Declaration for IndependencePdF2008 Talks: Lawrence Lessig--The Declaration for Independence
from recent posts tagged pdf2008 - (beta)
July 01, 2008

Lawrence Lessig is a professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society. He is also the co-founder, with Joe Trippi, of In this keynote talk at Personal Democracy Forum 2008, he offers a fresh interpretation of the Founders' vision of American government as one whose representatives would stand independent of corrupting influences, and calls for a new net-powered reform movement to fix the bugs in today's democracy.

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