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   Where it began -- Jekyll Island, Georgia


'Blame lies before the gamble falls'

WSC Committed to implementing the World Stability Model

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The  World Stability Council  is an Extra-Governmental Organization (EGO) established in 2002 in the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

It provides independent advice to Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations with the purpose of promoting world stability.

It's ideals are founded in the self-regulation of democracies through maximum civic participation.

These are times of widespread and unprecedented Corporate Greed and Corruption.

It is not that human nature has become more avaricious, rather that during the reign of the Free Market Economies the means to express greed, both individually and collectively, have grown enormously.

As a result, the gap between those who are 'in' and those who are 'other' threatens to become unmanagable.

The world now faces massive global problems like the refugee crisis, health and poverty epidemics and environmental damage.

Progress at global level is pondererous and too slow, while financial-, technological- and city-development is too fast and out of control.

The World Stability Council was established to provide an interactive network of support and advice to those wishing to tackle global problems at a regional and local level.

The world stability council.
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Stephan GM Tychon, chief officer of change.

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