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State-corporate crime

Save Our System-Forget Our Souls

Drop the dollar, excess, waste & terror

                                    LEE RAYMOND


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Global  P3 doctrine

INCORPORATED GOVERNANCE                                                                            CAPITAL FORMS FUNCTION:

Legal crime and institutional corruption on national levels have facilitated forced partnerships between public and private parties world-wide in the post-WWII area, entangling corporate conduct/arrogance and governmental ignorance while preventing transparency...

The pax americana was the foundation for the globalization we now worry about too late: slow though virtual democracies and IT-error supported post-war technology-advantage related to an unparalelled surge for progress evolved the cold war smoothly into the silent war now ongoing, based on the land act mentality.




Economic fundamentalism as the strategic instrument for american imperialism makes the western world an asymmetric entity focusing on sharholders-value and growth of special interests endangering the common good, democratic values and the social-economic balance in public space.

One of the largest forced public-private partnerships(P3) in the entire world was the Dutch 'Gasunie' of 1963 where Exxon and Shell shared 50% with the State's other half:  long-distance and high-pressure technology for the european gasdistribution network*) was bought in the U.S. while even Mannesmann or Krupp could produce and supply large enough forced steel pipes at the time: long-term energy-contracts based on 'pipeline lock-ins'.


Politics of oil & war peak :

Bechtel and Halliburton being Exxon-suppliers of pipeline-infrastructure and heavy drilling-equipment, came in and still are, notwithstanding related Enron-scandals even working on 'freedom', 'liberty' and 'safety' promoted by the U.S. presidents. (Bush is a main shareholder of Bechtel investing in Iraq's oilfields) Compare: 'Houston connection'.

Exxon's governance-culture and corporate conduct became obvious with Shell's recent reserves scandal where the SEC intervened and diverted public attention from the world's most aggressive marketplayer Exxon, resulting in corporate governance dualism-deficiency in the twin Shell-top for both consumers and shareholders confidence's sake, ready to submerge in the near future. Economic warfare is outward bound while oil peaks and gas drags mankind.


INCORPORATED                        GOVERNANCE

This makes it easy to understand that Exxon not only rules dutch public governance but also dictates the european constitution and lingering transatlantic alliance, seen as the European Growth and Stability Pact is not met by Germany and France due to underlying energy-politics and european common policies following the enduring american patronage-system while national 'inhouse judging' sustains international incorporated governance:

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act on international corporate conduct cleverly preluded the Patriot Act to silently install world economic-political hegemony sustained by politics of militarization: the power/force paradigm of intollerance and error.

That's how the USA patriot act perverts world democracies based on the land act by escaping international law and trust law.


 Exxell aims at EQuality & Social Justice

*) source: ir. N.H.M.Tychon, Rotarian, first ceo of Gasunie until 1966 and architect of the european gasdistribution network, co-founder of the European Community for Coal and Steel(EGKS) and the European Economic Community that later evolved into the E.U.


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